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From boisterous, youthful, cheerful, and ebullient; to contemplative, cultured, warm and engaging; listen for yourself and hear how I can bring YOUR script to life!

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when it comes to sub compact SUVs, The'keeper's soul has moved to the leader of the pack, and now South Shore Key is celebrating their annual summer of Soul sales event. You want your Starbucks and you want it now. Got it. We hear you, but don't tell us. Tell uber eats, Let's hear it for the season that gets the least amount of love. Autumn e mean, Think about it. Winter means the holidays air coming. Baseball terms air in our everyday vocabulary, whether we realize it or not. For instance, I had a strong opener during my presentation, but I started to choke up in the middle and thought I was going to strike out. One secret to surviving a diet is finding foods that make you feel like you're cheating. That's how it feels when I'm biting into a mission car. Balanced tortillas. It's not that I'm not ambitious, just lazy. That's why I appreciate Home Depot's D I. Y. Projects and ideas. They give you the 411 on household do it yourself fix. It's like all your indoor and outdoor projects. We've always have the Disney classics upholding the legacy, but the Disney universe keeps expanding like Star Wars. National Geographic Marvel on Pixar That wasn't flying Excuse me? Wow, You look just like me Or weights. Quinn's Oh, just like an evil twin. Everyone has a British one. You should travel to London and find your other half. You may find yourself feeling more cultured, refined and quoting Shakespeare for no particular reason. If you or someone you know is confused by our disclaimers, please call 934283664332 Or we have no idea there. You'll hear a recording of my voice saying, I don't write them, folks. I just read him.