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The Phenomenon

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Voice Over • Audiobooks


In this tense audio drama, Gary plays the role of Emil, father to a young daughter, and one of the few surviving humans of an alien invasion.

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Hello little one. Hi dad. Was everything okay here While I was gone. I told Sharon about mom a meal. We need to talk. Okay. Sorry, go listen to your music here. I brought you some new batteries I want please. Sharon and I have to talk about adult things. Okay. How are your wrists? They would be a lot better if you uncuff me. What are the Red four procedures? What are the red for procedures and what are the blue 12 procedures? How am I supposed to know? I'm former military. I'm also not an idiot. I don't know what those procedures entail, but I know they're operational instructions. I've seen how your ears perk up when those instructions are broadcast and have disappeared a few times and returned with very few details about where you've been. I would assume you're not intelligence and I know you're not military. So I need some answers. Now. A meal. The world has gone completely to ****. Billions of people are dead. Tell me what those messages mean. About 10 years ago I was translating for Homeland Security and there was a call for volunteers for a new initiative. A joint venture between Homeland CIA FBI the Pentagon and I don't know. I have a dozen other federal agencies. It was a chance to earn an extra paycheck all for just a few weeks of training at Langley and being called on for specific instructions in case of disaster. But you never planned on this. No, it's safe to say that this was not one of these scenarios which reigned for. I assume that would never even be called upon. They gave us a variety of packages and instructions for how to use them. Blue 12 is prepared and hold all packages, detonators, transmitters. Red four is deploy red package for all other orders superseded detonators. Some plans call for controlled demolition of strategic sites, but I don't know where or why. It's not my place to know. I'm only Delta six. A foot soldier. What was red package for transmitter of some kind? I had to find an area close enough to the surface to activate it. A detonator. I don't know. I'm extremely low level in the organization. So what now? Now I wait for my next instructions. Wait. It's not safe here. We need to get out of here. We need to find somewhere safe. No, it's not safe here, but I can't leave yet. I can. How much longer are you planning on holding me? You need to let me go soon. Soon. I am sorry about all of this. I'm sorry about your wife. Thank you. Sharon.