Grandfather’s Old Ram by Mark Twain



One of Twain’s classics which is part of my one-man show An Evening With Mark Twain

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Senior (55+)


North American (South West - Texas) North American (US South)


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Mariah Whitaker. Now there was a girl for you just as good and sweet and lovely and generous, generous, why she had a thing and you wanted it, you could have it, have it and welcome. She had a glass eye and she used to lend it to Flora and Baxter that hadn't any to receive company with. Well, she was pretty large and it didn't fit, it was a number seven and she was excavated for a 14 so that I wouldn't lay still every time she would wink, it would turn over. It was a beautiful eye and set her off, admirable because it was a lovely pale blue on the front side, the side she looked out of, but it was gilded on the backside, didn't match her other eye. One of those brownie, yellowy eyes and tranquil and quiet, you know, you know, the way those kind of eyes are, but there weren't any matter they worked together around and plenty picturesque. But when floor and began to get excited, which was quite often that hand painted, I would start whirling and whirling going on, flashing faster and faster, blue and yellow and blue and yellow when it got to whizzing and flashing the other, I would stand still close. People didn't mind but it most always made the Children cry. It was shot or scary.