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Excerpt from HEART RATE TRAINING, by Roy Benson and Declan Connolly, page 65

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Heart Rate Training by Roy Benson and Declan Connolly. Narrated by *** Glenn, assume we have two basic fibre types in skeletal muscle, fast twitch and slow twitch. They have different recruitment patterns that vary as a function of exercise intensity. Fast twitch fibres are larger than slow twitch fibers, and smaller fibres are always recruited. First, we call this the size principle as the intensity increases and more force is needed. MAWR fast twitch fibres are recruited as force output or speed increases. You breathe more heavily at the same time that you need to produce more energy. In other words, you start to use more anaerobic energy or carbohydrate. The pattern goes like this. Increased the intensity, increase the fast twitch recruitment increase the fast twitch recruitment increase anaerobic metabolism, increased anaerobic metabolism, increased carbohydrate usage and decrease fat usage. So to burn fat, you need to exercise slower. Narrated by *** Glenn