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Strap yourself in for a mix of styles in one hit. Film narration, soft and harder reads. Instructional, narration, commercial, promo, character, audio book and documentary styles. Genuine, warm and engaging with a few interesting twists and turns. Voiced, Engineered & Produced by Gerard Dunning.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


Australian British (General) New Zealand


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good I might. And welcome to a jungle safari. We have a lot to see and explore. So grab your gear, climb in the jeep and let's go. Are you ready? T. E Lawrence Autonomously of Arabia. Very much an Englishman favoured pinching a burning match between his fingers to put it out. When asked by his colleague William Potter to reveal his trick, How is he so effectively extinguished the flame without hurting himself whatsoever? Lawrence just smiled and said, The trick, Potter. He's not minding. It hurts in a country that is not my own way. Weakened captain through Crocodile Cave will be in Davy Jones's locker too soon. Don't worry, you're shelling within all suit. Like me. The heart of a robust health care system is a flourishing general practise, where the current climate may find a GP straining to deliver high quality kid style. Date. May 4 23 04 I've yet to uncover the exact date on which the music died. It is clear to me that an ancient entertainment phenomenon notice oil played a central role. Seat belt is fastened by inserting the metal clip intothe. Just if it lined me around your waist to release the signal to lift the buckles up a portion and have you seen them? Something incredible has just landed a donut. King World's favourite superhero family is now available at Australia's favourite doughnut store, All of The Incredibles family and Now and Donut King, including Mr Incredible. Let us ask a simple but very big question. Why is there something instead of nothing? This may sound like a job for a philosopher, but in fact it's a problem that could be addressed by science. We know now that in the early years of the 20th century, thiss world was being watched closely by intelligences and yet as mortal with cliffs and woodlands ringed by sparkling beaches, Gala Peninsula is stunning, breathtaking, inspiring, diverse geology with outstanding coastal habitats, 70 square miles of cliffs, beaches and dunes, salt and freshwater marshes. It's the shoe you doing. I've actually been like Mr Graham stalking you for like, six months. Everyone's talking about me like I'm just so not cool Jam packed with genuine non crazy theme. Bachelor. Tonight only