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I was awarded this job right here on Voices! I am so honored to be part of bringing this company’s about video to life. Known Supply is an incredible company creating connection between consumers and creators of the product, bringing the best, most ethical wears.

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They say a t-shirt is touched by 100 pairs of human hands before it arrives to you. The process for creating clothing is deeply human. So many stories intertwined just like the very fabric that makes up each garment. Thousands of complex relationships woven together nature, machinery, creativity, technique, logistics to clothe our world. But what happens when the story of how our clothing is made doesn't align with the values we stand for even worse. What if it's working in opposition to what we believe known supply is here to create clothing that lives up to the quality and ethics. You strive for fair trade certified and sustainably made apparel and accessories made for you. So you don't have to compromise on anything. And together we get to create a new future for fashion. One that celebrates the people who make our clothing and those who wear it known supply the most human brand.