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Audiobooks for children - sample read.

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toy story for a new purpose. From five minute Disney Pixar Stories lightning flashed across the sky as Andy ran into his room with an armful of toys but he had accidentally left R. C. Outside when Andy went downstairs, Woody headed to Andy's sister's room to search for the lost toy. Once there, bow and Woody came up with a plan, Slinky dog stretched his springy body out the window as Woody scrambled down his back to rescue R. C. Moments later though, Andy's mom came to get bow in her sheep, Andy's sister molly was giving them away would he snuck over to bo as she stood in the cardboard box. He wanted to help her escape and take her back to Andy's room but bo was ready to go. Years passed and eventually a much older, Andy gave his toys to a little girl named Bonnie. She loved them as much as Andy had, but things were different for Woody, he wasn't the favorite toy anymore.