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A self help audiobooks sample. Soothing, inspirational voice.

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practicing mindfulness 75 Essential Meditations to reduce stress, improve mental health and find peace in the every day. By Matthew Sokoloff exercise number two points of contact. You can do this practice in any position but I recommend trying it while sitting close the eyes and bring your awareness to the posture of the body. Make any minor adjustments to help the body be at ease. Begin by noticing the places where the body is touching something else. Can you feel the contact between your feet and the floor? Pay attention to the physical feeling of the feet. There is nothing special to do. Just observe how the feet feel in this moment. Bring your attention to the hands. However they may be resting. Feel the places where the hands are touching each other, sitting in the lab or resting on the niece. Focus on whatever part of the hand is in contact with something else.