Audiobook - Science Fiction, Teen, Adventure, Heroic, Sad, Commanding



Excerpt from A Warrior's Umbra by Christopher Dinsmore. Action packed Sci-Fi book.

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Teen (13-17)


North American (General)


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my heart sank. At the same time my eyes started to the center of the room. The site had put me through the same pain. I saw keigo experience. The pain felt like someone had stabbed me in the stomach. My eyes immediately glazed over when I laid sight on the cold rock pile lying in the middle of the room. A tear streamed down my face even though I tried to remain strong. I stood there blankly, staring at the spot where the fire burned. No more denial followed right behind the sadness I felt. I clenched my eyes and fists as hard as I could. My fingernails dug into my hands, giving me a futile distraction from the pain, but it would never be enough. They were fine. I thought it was possible they left. They had known what was coming. So they left. I had to believe this story I told myself because I knew I was alone. The only breath I heard was my own. I dropped my head down, wishing I could run away and hide until the pain had subsided. But no place can mask such a terrible feeling. My body nearly went limp, and the only thing holding me up was the crew. I carried myself to the second floor, then the third and the fourth. My ascent had ceased when I became level with the seventh floor, where my home was only a few steps away, I took my first step toward the house, and when I reached the doorway I laid my hands on the carving of the warrior carving Packy had shown me all those years ago, my hand fell to my side and I continued into my home. I stood in the house and imagined Packy run into me from my left, tackling me to the ground, laughing and shaking me all around Chester. You came back, you kept promise! He would shout. I would rise to my feet, hug my brother and wish to never let go. My father and mother would follow closely side by side, both with a smile wide across their faces. Packy would release me and I would walk to my mom who would look into my eyes only for a moment before breaking into tears. She would pick me up and I would look over her shoulder to see my father owes are standing there happy to see the return of his son. I would clench my eyes shut to soak in the love I felt and everything would turn out okay. But that was not what happened. My brother never did come running around that corner. I never got to show him that I had kept my promise. My family never got to see their son return because when I walked into that house and looked to my left, I saw my family sleeping peacefully alongside each other with their hands over their bellies, each with a slit stretching from one side of their neck to the other. Nothing could prepare me for that moment. Nothing. My mature attitude had left me when I laid eyes on the heart and blood lining their necks. I became the boy Ozer had found eight years ago, a young lost boy trying to find his purpose. I never said a single word, but that was because I couldn't get any out. My heart felt like it would thump right out of my chest. My breaths were shallow and the tears couldn't be stopped. I walked up to their katanas and looked at each of their faces, thinking the same thing Chigga had thought I had failed. This was my job. This was the whole reason for my training. This was my purpose and I didn't even get to try. Next came a storm of rage directed both at myself and the monster responsible. I couldn't wrap my mind around the event. There had to be something missing. The doors were never scratched. My family was killed peacefully. This wasn't the personality keigo had described. My people never even suffered. I laid my hand on Oh, czars cold stomach, then walked away with a new promise. I was going to avenge the death of my family.