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Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a Christian pacifist who worked to overthrow Hitler. But even while he was doing it, he prayed for those who were persecuted. Later, martyr him, he wrote through the medium of prayer. We go to our enemy, stand by his side and plead for him to God. Jesus does not promise that when we bless our enemies and you're good to them, they will not spitefully use and persecute us. They certainly will. But not even that can hurt her. Overcome A. So long as we pray for them, we're doing for them what they can't do for themselves. There are three ways to live in this world. The first is to respond to good with evil. That's a demonic, evil way to live. But it happens all the time. That's what Irma Bomb that prayed Lord. If you can't make me thin, then make my friends look fat. They become the enemy. The second is to respond to evil with evil. It's called Lex tally onus, an eye for an eye that's a legal, ethical way to live. The world teaches these 1st 2 ways to live, and people live their lives by, he said. She said. The problem is that the hatred, bitterness, vengeance, the anger felt when we hear of a drunk driver killing Children, the games that people live their lives, playing in their relationships and their families with their so called friends is consuming. If there's one thing we wish could change, it's the way people relate to each other. Changes that in this whole world there is so much hatred and it becomes a huge cycle. And pretty soon the Palestinians and the Jews has centuries of killing and reasons for their hatred. And we have opinions and family members and enemies. And the cycle goes on and on and on and on. There are some whose lives are characterized by their injuries. Those injuries physical, emotional, spiritual. They feel their hearts. They are all that is known either fighting back are closing themselves off to future harm, offense or defense. That's all it's known. I wish you could look in your life and generally not identify any enemies. I hope there is no one who, when you think of them, makes your heart well up in anger. But do the injury do the threat due to sin your own sin? or there's most of us have some form of enemies. The clearest, most dramatic proof in our Christian life will be when you congenitally from your heart want the best for that person whom is your enemy. You want it so bad that you take your enemies concerns to God, as Dietrich Bonhoeffer did. But why in the world and how in the world could we possibly do good to those who hate us not to curse thumb, to present the other cheek to anyone who slaps you on one cheek? And she not protester complaining when somebody takes what is yours. Remember, though, that even Jesus does not observe this literally. When the soldiers struck him on the face, he did not offer the other cheek, but rather reacted firmly. If there is some offense in what I said pointed out, but if not, why do you strike me? That brings us to the third way to live. It is Jesus's way. It is to repay evil with good. It's a way of relating to people that our world is not familiar with, and it is the only way out of the cycle of being filled with the pain hatred and bitterness of our injuries. Jesus says to you. Who? Here, Listen to me. Love your enemies More than any other teaching of Jesus, that one stands out to an unbeliever. It's just too radical. It's to a natural. It's suicidal. Two sayings of Jesus help us to understand what he wants to teach. The first thing is the so called golden rule. Treat others as you would like people to treat you. The second saying is be merciful as your father in heaven is merciful. Thes two directives indicates that Jesus doesn't want simply to change the situation because nothing would change. He wants to change the system. Love your enemies. Love can't depend on what I received from others. True love should want the good of others independently of what he or she does. For me, love to be creative because despite what he receives from us, that is how God's love is for us. Luke. Chapter six versus 27 to 38