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create a world full of miracles and magic celebrate success. Let all the nine worlds shake at my feet. My time has come. You make me feel like, let's see just cause I'm a girl doesn't mean I can't kick some sent to her, but I have three speeds on off and don't push your luck, commence missile fire soon. University will be mine. Whoa. It's a dead body like that is the premium because like I've always wanted one but my parents won't let me have pretty big muscles, you know like that guys, well dip my balls and sweet cream and squat me in a kitchen full of Children. That is not a jungle gym. That dinosaur immediately. Oh my God, my breast is so low I can have a pedicure and a mammogram at the same time. Good afternoon. I've decided to do my report on Newton's Laws of Physics. Seriously like who do I have to blow to get some french toast crunch Brivio when I say freeze like this, thank you for the stars that shine. Thank you for these friends of mine. Just because you cannot see your angel does not mean that I'm not there for me. Grace Gordon? Cheers to me. The world's there for the taking honey, pull up your pants and zip it