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This an ad for the Mash-up blender. It describes how the Mash-up blender is needed in any kitchen.

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we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. All right, what are you to do when you find yourself in a rush? And you can't imagine what you create charge of the random items sitting in your fridge? Make the most of you already have by reading your ingredients out loud on Listen as the musher presents you with custom small the recipes from its extensive database get detailed list sippy instructions as you move about your kitchen. The mashup is the smart blender that trucks to you. You can never evade that roaring blender sound since the mush A place Ah, beach music while it prepares your smoothie, alerting you when it's ready. Why settle for a boring old blender? Try the wash up and discover how easily blend on Astra Mint off smoothies are jam packed with nutrients ingredients, and that changed out off this world