The Florence Nightingale Museum Bicentenary Celebration



A selection of my work with The Florence Nightingale Museum and the bicentenary celebrations of her wonderful work.

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today's global health care systems were not built on Florence's work alone, but through her tireless work and compassionate evidence based care which laid the core foundations of the modern nursing profession, a true victorian Florence believed that the british empire could and should make life better for the people of India. She campaigned for improvements to sanitation, healthcare, agriculture, and famine prevention. However, as time went by, she became increasingly frustrated at the lack of progress and critical of the british government nursing was Florence's greatest calling. When she was no longer able to work as a nurse herself, she set up the nightingale training school for nurses to train others. She supported her trainees to spread her ideas and they went on to set up new professional nursing units in hospitals around the world, Florence supported the development of district nursing as a way to provide care to people in their homes. She passionately believed in the role health visitors could play in the prevention of illness and that staying healthy was far better than any hospital care. You are standing on a floor design echoing her famous cockscomb infographic, which she used when campaigning for better health care for british army soldiers, Florence battled hard to do what she wanted to do and get where she wanted to go. She was only too aware of the tight, rigid constraints of the victorian era. She never bowed to the normal expectations of victorian society and positively fought to uphold and protect the rights of women Florence was a woman of her time and not all of her ideas would be proven right. However, In the modern day organizations such as the Florence Nightingale Foundation continue on in her spirit by supporting nurses to become great leaders and through pioneering research now often refer as an icon. She has been used to exemplify the best in health care and professionalism. Her image and name have graced banknotes, stamps, hospitals, wards, new roads, pubs, toys, airplanes and even navy ships. Health care in the year 20-20 will undoubtedly be blessed with incredible advances, but there is little doubt that the provision of that nursing care will still be based upon the bedrock of values and procedures instigated by the world's pioneering nurse Florence nightingale.