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Eric Wibbelsmann

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we're experiencing explosive data growth by 2020. It's estimated that they'll be up to 50 billion things connected to the Internet. That's a lot of data to secure. This is Tom. Tom works in the payroll department at a mid sized regional bank. Tom handles tax withholdings, direct deposits and other financial information for the bank's employees. Tom gets an urgent email. It looks like it's from a CFO on her Bahamas vacation. It reads. Tom, please send me R W two so I can work on the plane. Tom wants to help. He sends a reply with W two information on all 5000 employees. Theun Just after hitting, sent, he notices the email wasn't from his CFO, but from someone else using an email address. That was one letter off from the CFO's name. This is Lydia. Lydia is the office manager for an electric utility company that has lots of small satellite offices across the state. One morning, Lydia arrived at one of the satellite offices to find that someone had broken in, stolen all of the laptops and desktops and ransacked the supply room. This is Sam. Sam is a business insurance salesman with a three state territory. He spends a lot of his time in his car driving from client to client. One day, while he was having lunch with one of his best clients on auto parts dealer, his car was stolen. Unfortunately, Sam's laptop was also in the car, which contained all of his clients information, their coverage, details and their rates. What do these scenarios all have in common in each situation? Data and, more importantly, private data was accidentally or inadvertently shared in today's data driven world. Every organization routinely experiences this kind of situation and having to sort through the data breach notification laws in every state but you're similar but have subtle nuances is time consuming and costly. If you're overwhelmed by the increasing complexity of keeping up with US state law breach notification requirements and are looking for a solution to help your business cope, we've built a practical tool to help you get started. Reed Smith Breach responders are easy to use. Tool will help you focus on the facts that drive US state breach notification laws with links to additional insights our team has gained after responding to hundreds of data loss incidents responding to a data loss incident calls for urgency, but it doesn't have to be a crisis breach responders driving your company's progress through innovation.