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This promo demo showcases my ability to perform varieties of copy, creating distinct characters that engage listeners. High energy, suspenseful, fun, informative, and educational characters are especially fun for me!

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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The following is a special presentation of ESPN on ABC, home of the city BCS national championship. They can attack him. They can judge him, but they can never break him. The nation is under siege, and now Jack Bauer is on his own. The season premiere of 24 begins now. Viewer discretion is advised. Three Happy wives. They vowed to be faithful, but one is more likely to cheat. Is it the first time Mom, the model or the housewife cast your vote online at abc news dot com. What you learn may save your marriage and these ancient mysteries be an endless fascination with the Bible or chilling tales of Gothic or man has been compelled by the wonders of the unknown since the beginning of time, from the possible existence of Bigfoot to the grips of a mummy's curse. Uncover the truth behind Ancient mysteries. Tonight on Channel four and B. C. Tonight. Hillary Clinton. She's got strong views on raising Children, but what about her own image? Hillary Clinton on 2020 this Friday