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Various characters from a 6 year old girl to a 75 year old British Queen.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (South West - Texas)


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today or not to be is actually two questions. If you're smarter than Shakespeare, Oxford now offers online classes. Oxford, Brilliant to Be or not to be is actually two questions. If you're smarter than Shakespeare, Oxford now offers online classes. Oxford. Brilliant. Oh, God, Trenton. You smell awful. My name is wave now, Mother. Okay, wave, clean yourself up. It's Thanksgiving and the whole family is coming over now. Can we talk? Option. We're having turkey mashed potato stuff. What you need Trader Joe's. Everything is fresh and organic, and they have awesome vegan options. Respect me wave. Honey, I respect you. But you're the only one in this family who it's like a bunny. Trader Joes. It's totally gnarly. You live in a van Kalt stripping. Do it with the best be old, deep cleansing charcoal poll strips. Catch your polls in the act with strips that arrest club Paul's of the oil and blackheads for the deepest, clean, naked and natural clean. Guilty as charged. You be the judge. Be old charcoal pull strips free your polls. Yes, 16 60 diaries. Savvy were Peps introduced tea to Britain, but it was Charles Seconds. Queen Katherine of Bergen's that made it fashionable. Queen on brought tea to Hampton Court Palace until the abolition off import duties in 17 84 t was an expensive preserve of royalty and the Valley very rich. So when Harney and sons boasted Harvard a spice black tea, we aren't fooling around after all. Besides being master tea blenders, we happen to be an independent charity that looks after the Tower of London. Harney and Sons Holiday Spice Tea Unreasonably British like a zillion years ago, when the Internet started, some people were like, This is stupid. Real surfing is better that others were like while these cat videos they're hilarious. Be like that second group barrier bias and see the possibilities of our creamy sweet, tangy nous and what it could mean for you your sandwich in your future Miracle Whip. Keep an open mouth. What do cats staring your pour milk? It's like they know it's only a matter of time time. The only thing between us and them is opposable thumbs. Imagine that cats with thumbs. And what if they got together? Gangs of cats with thumbs? An organized army with only one thing on their mind horizon milk will jog on Kitty's. This milk is mine