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This was a voiceover that I did for a film project that I put together. I wrote it in about 25 minutes, after being inspired by the trip I had just experienced. I edited the film with the music, and then wrote the voiceover afterward. I usually tell other people's stories through video, but in this case, I thought it would be beneficial to use my own voice to tell the story of what God has been doing in my life and the lives of those around me. The voiceover, paired with the visuals and the music, brings together a very powerful and impactful story. My hope is to continue to share stories like these, while also helping others to bring their stories to life in a very unique and specific way!

To see full video Link with voiceover on youtube search : Gifted by Grace Jasmine Martin

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three years ago, God sent me to Australia and a journey of healing began as he spoke to my heart. After years of running, he finally sat me down and revealed to me the truth of what Christ has done for me. As my story began to unfold, I realized that this wasn't just my story, but a story that belonged to God and his kingdom. The story to those who may live in darkness with no hope of the future, a story where were met in our Brokenness by what Jesus has done for each and every one of us on that cross. And as I let the walls down and allowed God's truth to be my center, it allowed me to see the bigger picture of what God is doing in the lives of those around me and the purpose in which I have been called. Sometimes it all feels so overwhelming, but I had to realize it's not my job to change the world. Jesus has already done that, but it is my job to use the gift God has given me to tell stories, and I realized I couldn't ignore him anymore. There is a great responsibility we have when we answer this call. But the question that remains is, Will we go? As the stories of God's Children are told, we become a part of a larger narrative. Monica, a refugee from south Sudan, led by what God has done in her life as she has a vision and changing the future of her people back home. Oh, bang, a refugee from Ethiopia reuniting with his mother after 15 years and a hope to spread the gospel amongst his people that their hope lies beyond this world. Sharif, a refugee from Afghanistan who fled to Greece after he lost his mom and siblings in a car bombing but found forgiveness through Christ. God, is journeying with his people and once their stories to be told because through their testimonies, his name will be glorified. There are people around the world doing outreaches and launching ministries to make sure that this message of what Jesus has done is known by the world. Sharing the good news to people throughout the nations who are lost from Greece were refugees from Iran and Afghanistan, long to learn more about Christ and the truth that has set them free all the way to Uganda, where people like Victor find hope in the future on Lee by what Christ has done as he seeks to further his education despite his lack of resource, is stories of these men and women will give hope to the future as they realize that what lies in front of us is temporary and eternity last forever. They found joy and peace in this life on Lee because they have found hope in Jesus Christ. And although they may never have the riches that so many of us have, and long for the riches lie in heaven, they become a part of a bigger narrative, a story that is bigger than themselves. And it is an honor to become a part of their story as we all move forward with the same mission. And how can anyone preach unless they're sent? How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news? Declaring the only truth we need in this life the truth of the cross and the love of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I am humbled as God's grace meets me daily, but it is by his grace that I live in my purpose and do my part is God continues to change the world