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young female heroine, evil witch, young teen boy, sexy female, Southern accent, old lady, deep voiced diva, Cockney girl, goofy middle aged man

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British (General) North American (General) North American (US South)


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We've got to destroy the hub before they penetrate the shielding. Commence attacks. Fire at 800 face 16 years. Did you years? They've been looking for a baby. Listen, Autolycus, I know you want revenge, but your brother would never forgive you if you didn't let him get out of this by himself. As long as he's back by sunrise, it'll work. G sir. What does it have to be me or not? Good Hailing stress. It's not easy being young, sir. I mean, that's the emphasis placed on competition that need repair acceptance Or my parents insist on straight A's and sculpture. I'd be dealing with pressure like this ever since it was born. Kind blue eyes look right into your heart. You can't keep any secrets from her. It's a right, just a small room. Bugs Berg. I just like to say one thing about small business of defense. I don't like the looks of it. You know how much I adore me? There's a cute, very and funny. But when they wake me from my beauty sleep, their vile darling simply vile