Murder by Munchausen' clip - brooding, engaging, gritty, heroic, low pitched, moody ,strong



Murder by Munchausen' clip - brooding, engaging, gritty, heroic, low pitched, moody ,strong

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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the abandoned building in the warehouse district was dark and cold. I didn't have glass on the and sub, but we were picking up in our F I signature. That was an 80% match to the even profile. My Smith and Wesson, E. M and P was out in humming in my hand, ready for me to take a shot behind us. The SWAT team was spreading out into position to monitor our visual feed from outside so they wouldn't jam the ambience signals with their tackier. We went passive on our glass. As soon as we entered the building, I looked over 80. See my partner pressed against the far wall covering the left side of the industrial cavern, which was piled high with discarded junk desks, chairs, pallets of box materials and strange, hulking machines that no doubt once fabricated some kind of pieces parts necessary for the stuff consumers once found they absolutely, positively could not live without in their daily drone lives, all collected from businesses that absolutely, positively, no longer existed. The quiet was oppressive and haunting. We both strained for an aural clue to the location of our quarry. Since the Elektronik intel was still too weak to pinpoint within the building. We slowly wove around the junk deeper and deeper into the room I lead you see followed constantly, adjusting the E P. D. Scanning app to search and map the room. I muted the tactical channels and stripped most of the data, for my view to let him work the tech and calm. It's too distracting. I needed to maintain focus. I needed to be able to react.