Detective Mystery, Audiobook 1940s

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Ryan took Dutch's advice, parted with Phyllis and got to Miss Le Tours. Around 8 30. She lived in one of those stucco jobs, a fountain that was overflowing with gals from states that begin with I's and O's. Ryan got to the door. It was then it hit him. He believed Catherine Pomerol Dutcher was stacking up evidence against her like pancakes on a Lumberjacks plate. God convinced him that she was being played. Brenda Latour opened the door. She looked 17, going on 40. Dutcher was right. Hungry. She gave Rhine the up. Down. Don't tell me your producer, with a script bigger than birth of a nation, and you'd like to have a couple of drinks and talk it over. No script and I don't drink. Sorry, Brian said. What's the pitch? My name's Ardie Ryan. I'm a private investigator. I've got nothing to say. You know, I could have saved us a lot of time if I had just said I'm a private investigator and you've got nothing to say. Listen, Miss Latour, I've got a couple of questions about Katherine Pomerol. I don't want to talk about it. This was when Artie Ryan got smooth something he did with joy and relish on top. Uran actress, aren't you? Yeah, I thought you looked familiar. What have I seen you in? I was in more time. Angels. You see it? I loved it. Ryan said, with just a hint of something akin to reverence. I was this sad peasant girl in the barn scene. Oh, yeah. Ryan said, You are so sad. Look, Miss Latour. Brenda. Suppose you got in a jam. Wouldn't you want somebody to go to bat for you? Well, the cops have asked you the same boring questions. So what's it going to cost you? Brenda Latour turned away from the door and said, Come on in, but keep it down. My dad's asleep. Ryan took his hat off and walked over to a chair. So you know Catherine Pomerol from working on the picture with her, huh? Don't sit there, Brenda shouted. What's the matter? Said Ryan. It's not a real chair. Pop built it. It's his pride and joy could have fooled me, Ryan said a man in a robe in his fifties poked his head around the corner. Then we get him Pop, said Brenda Almost. I could have sworn, Ryan said. Just a little movie Magic, said Pop. It's a prop made it myself. You should get back in bed, Pop said. Brenda Op smiled. Jazz couldn't resist seeing his face. I'm already Ryan, Mr Latour, Carson. I think Brenda got Latour off a Frenchie soap Tin pop. Ryan put his hand up. That's all right, Miss Latour. Ryan's a crowd name. I probably got a bunch of cousins back in the Fatherland kissing Hitler's boot about now names names. Which brings us around to the deceased. What about this uber hunt guy? Deceased is kind of classy for that little rat, Brenda said. The way I look at it, Pomerol did the world a favor. Pop covered his mouth, yawned and said, Come to think of it, I think I will get a couple more winks. Nice meeting you, Mr Carson, Ryan said. That's what I like, Pop said. A little respect. Call me pop. That's what they all call me. Brian waited until he heard the bedroom door shut. Miss Latour, what exactly did Catherine Pomerol say to uber whom did the party? Brenda rolled a finger through her hair. I didn't hear much. They were on the other side of the pool. She called him a couple of choice names through a glass at him and then topped it off with Try it and you'll end up taking a dirt nap. A dirt nap? Yeah, I know. Corny. It's a line from gangland. You see it? I was the tipsy flapper, leaving the speak easy. How did you get into this business? Question is, how do I get out? It stinks. My father worked at the studio for 16 years. What did he dio Brenda sprang up out of her chair. You want to drink? I still don't drink. Oh, yeah. Father's retired now. Brenda noticed Ryan was looking at her intently. What are you looking at? I don't know. You just seem so young to be involved in all this. You found Uber Hoon's body and called the police. That's right. They ask you what you were doing there at five. In the morning? No. They filled in the blanks with their dirty minds. Brian stood up and moved toward Brenda. He put his hand on her forearm. Let's pretend that I'm the last fella in this town without a dirty mind. What were you doing there? Brenda Softened. She took a seat. Ryen. Dida's? Well, uber Hoon had a lead on a producer. You like to gamble? And he kept the hours of a bat. He tells me to see him at five. In the morning. I see him at five. In the morning. What am I going to say to him? I'm sorry, Mr Ebert Wound. That's too early for me. I have to get my beauty sleep for my starring role in Camille. When I got there, he was dead. Very messy. I got out of there quick and called the cops a lead on a producer, huh? Right? Asked. You didn't say. Brenda frowned. You don't believe me, do you? You sure he wasn't just pulling one of your gams? Brenda stood very sure. I thought you said you didn't have a dirty mind. No. I said, let's pretend I don't have a dirty mind. Get out. Pop called from the other room. Brenda. Oops. Now pops awake. Ryan said get out