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Showing a full range of corporate narration voices from casual and upbeat to grounded, all while being authentic and real.

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imagine this. You're sitting on a beach, your favorite podcast is playing in your ears and you're sitting on one of those delicious umbrella drinks, you're not even sure the name of and you're starting to not feel your face in the best way or you're speeding down the mountain. Fresh crisp snow under your skis, blasting past other skiers like you're wearing a jet pack on your back, suck on that jeremy. We don't know about you, but we can't wait to get started on any of these adventures, which is why Travelocity offers them all right at your fingertips on strategy. It isn't just an investment mandate, it defines thornburg, it's a promise to investors. We are free thinking investment managers who connect ideas and intelligence from across strategies to pinpoint market signals were always on and ready to capture Alpha are world class investment platform, enables Thornburgh's team to be nimble and decisive. We are the good food, good life company. We believe in the power of food to enhance lives, good food nourishes and delights the senses. It helps Children grow healthy pets thrive, parents age gracefully and everyone live life to the fullest at nestle. We constantly explore and push the boundaries of what is possible with foods, beverages and nutritional health solutions to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future. Did you know that the average woman throws away about £82 of clothing per year renting things. You'd only wear a few times and buying pre loved items instead of new is a more sustainable answer and contributes to the circular fashion economy rent the runway is the first and largest shared designer closet to provide the everyday consumer with access to authentic luxury fashion.