Jessica Holtan Demo

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Narrative demo showing a variety of categories and emotions

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (US Mid-Atlantic)


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you spend a big chunk of your life at work. When it comes time to decide on a new job, there are some intangibles that might sway you, meaning purpose or culture. If lip sync is your jam, a ah well might be your dream company because lip synch battles have been known to occur along with happy hours, ping pong and even foosball. Time to brush. We brush to remove black and stay clean. Plaque is yucky stuff that can stick to teeth. It's bad because it's full of nasty germs that can her teeth by making little holes called cavities. When you plan your honeymoon, surprise your beloved with an unforgettably romantic get away experience the finest that Paris, Rome, Madrid and Athens have to offer. Treat your new spouse to an old world romance. We empower our employees to do their best work, and in return we thank them for their dedication to our company. We're happy to offer our employees unlimited vacation time, flexible work arrangements and 100% paid maternity leave. We want to be the easiest company you've ever worked for. Welcome to Glacier National Parks Headquarters Historic District Walking tour today will take a stroll through our administrative area to learn a bit about the architecture of 15 historic structures. The entire route is about a mile long and will take approximately one hour to complete. Janice had arrived to work at her normal time, a bright and early 5:30 a.m. She shut the front door, heard the lock catch and was nearly halfway down the bar when she felt the strangest urge to turn around, only to find that door was open. Which paranormal entity was responsible for releasing the latch and swinging open the door? She'll never know.