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Children's Fiction Audiobook Sample

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This is a sample from the children's fiction book \"Anybody's Game\" by Heather Lang.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
girls don't play baseball, Tom said. You can't try out for Little League. Why not? I'm better than you. Catherine scowled at her brother. She knew she could throw and catch and clobber the ball better than most boys. But deep down, she knew Tom was right. There were no girls in Little League baseball, and the coaches would never let a girl try out. It was 1950. Girls jumped rope and played hopscotch. Girls went swimming and played tennis. They wore dresses and helped their moms in the kitchen. Girls did not play baseball, but Catherine loved everything about baseball, running her fingers along the stitches of the ball, the musty smell of her dad's mitt, the crack of the bat when she hit the ball right on the sweet spot. Katherine had been hooked on baseball ever since she was six when she sat on her dad's lap and listened to her first Yankees game. And it's going, going, gone. Her dad imitated announcer Mel Allen. Go Yankees! Catherine and her dad yelled on game nights. She wore her dad's old baseball glove and punched her fist into the soft leather. Someday I'm going to play for the Yankees, she said. You just wait and see. I bet you will. Kid Cap. Her dad smiled. I bet you will.