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you're listening to Design between the Lines. The only design and home furnishings podcast where we talk with the movers and shakers industry innovators and lifetime legends of the home furnishings industry. It's here that I get a chance to sit and chat with the influencers shaping the industry into what it is today With over 25 years experience in the home furnishings industry. Caroline Hipple has certainly made her mark in both furniture design and strategic marketing. She is currently the president of Norwalk furniture and Townsend Expansive career, which has garnered recognition by outlets such as catalog success magazine and home magazine. She's been a recipient of the prestigious with IT Legacy award and continues to demonstrate a propensity for leadership and an irrefutable passion for all things color design and architecture Caroline. Welcome well, it's so nice to be here. Thanks for having. Design between the lines is produced by elements studio with the american society of furniture designers were recorded in high point north Carolina. To find videos of these podcasts, be sure to subscribe to the american society of furniture designers. Youtube channel to learn more about A S. F. D. Visit A. S. F. D dot com and don't forget to subscribe to hear more industry stories of design between the lines