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Here's my demo showcasing a broad range of narration topics.

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Stephen Colbert thought he wanted to be a serious actor. Then he started hanging out with comedians. This led to a gig at Second City Chicago where he met future co-stars, Steve Carell and Amy Sedaris. Suddenly Colbert's future began to look a whole lot different. This is the only video you'll ever see that tells you the truth about Alaska, which is this. Nobody knows anything about Alaska. Over 99% of Alaska is completely untouched wilderness. So if travel experts try to tell you what's out there, don't believe them. They're liars. Have you ever driven through a tunnel that goes underneath the ground or under a river? You might have wondered how do they do that? The simple answer through engineering, engineering is the process of building structures using science and math. It's literally how we build the world. Here's a tip for all you home brewers start with dark beers. This seems counterintuitive. You might think that because Loggers have the most subtle flavors, they'd be easier to pull off, but it's actually the opposite. The bold flavor of dark beer will hide your mistakes much better than their lighter counterparts.