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This was actually a video where I memorized the script and was on camera, but you'll get a general gist of my voice and what it sounds like.

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Welcome to the canines family. We are so glad you're here. I'm here today to talk to you about brand and what makes up a brand. It's the product, the design, the music, the characters, even the smells. It's the entire experience. Our brand is actually our identity. And now that you're part of the cone ice team, you make up a part of that identity to. We want you to represent it. Well, our brand is what separates us from the little snow cone shack down the street. It separates us because our brand actually stands for something. We have core values such as community, getting back quality, happiness, fun. So maybe just a little tropical escape for just a few moments were more than just a shaved ice truck. We actually care about our customers. We want you to exhibit those qualities too. Let me ask you a question. What would you consider to be a strong brand? Starbucks? Apple chick fil a. Those are some of the ones that come to our minds, you know that when you walk into a chick fil a, you were absolutely gonna here and it's my pleasure. And when you walk into a Starbucks you're gonna feel a little bit smarter when you walk out, they're strong because they're consistent. You know what you're going to get every time you walk in, there's familiarity, inconsistency and like Tony said, we have over 1400 units across the country. So in order for our brand to be strong, we have to give the same great experience every time. That is where you come in. Yeah, we talk about the kona experience, but what is it? Well, it's great customer service, it's wearing your coney uniform and greeting people with a big smile. It's being knowledgeable about the business so that when they have questions, you have the answers and it's about creating a great product that we know people will love basically. It's everything. The creepy ice cream truck is not, let's stop and think for a second what makes the creepy ice cream truck so creepy. Well for starters it's not engaging. And secondly, you can't really tell what's going on in there because you can't see in and lastly they're not usually dressed super clean cut. We don't want to be that we want to be family friendly and welcoming to our customers. That's the experience we want them to expect. Here's the thing. You're going to be in that contract by yourself. More often than not going to be hard to remember that you're part of a really big company. And then what you do in that truck wearing that kona shirt serving our product to our customers is actually a representation of this much larger thing called brand. And without our brand, we're nothing. So we like to put it this way. You wouldn't let anybody steal your personal identity, right? That's crazy. When you come to work for kona ice, we're asking you to protect the brand identity just as much as you would your personal identity. We do want to remind you to have fun. You're driving a giant penguin truck around selling cups of shaved ice. And if that's not a license to have fun, I don't know what is joke around with your customers. Talk to them, engage them. You have the unique opportunity to create positive, lasting memories for kids in your area. And how many people can say that the kona ice brand is about feeling happy and bringing happiness to others. If you can do that while you're with us, you'll be the perfect brand ambassador. Let's go create some memories. Uh huh.