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coming to you live from the illustrious studios of 105 West *** Street in uptown Westchester, transmitting from 262 foot towers strategically placed next to a plant that converts human waste into fresh stream water. It's the J in Randy Show with your hosts. J. Sure, a college graduate who thinks the past tense word for steel is Stolt and Randy Dasher, a crackpot libertarian who'd smack himself in this sack with a ball peen hammer of Ron Paul told him to. And now, without further ado, here's Jay and Randy. This has been a presentation of the Dixon dot com radio show brought to you by the Dixon dot com in conjunction with the Dixon dot com. The guys will be back in two weeks. Friday, July 13th. That's right. Friday, the 13. Don't be scared, Captain. Obvious moon bite. But big Bad Ryan just might