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Commercial for a professional medical product and service.

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you put the contact lenses on and go to bed, you wake up, take the context off, and now you have 2020 vision for a day to orm or sounds impossible, right? It's called Ortho Carrot Ology or orthe Okay, a revolutionary method to correct nearsightedness that has been around for more than 60 years. Dr. Vladan Oculus from desk planes I care center is an expert on North. Okay, with more than 15 years experience, she says, That's one of the safest ways to correct your vision. Orthe okay is especially good fit for kids and teenagers. Cases of nearsightedness and young people have increased for the past few years because of all the electron ICS they use and less time they spend outside. Milka Vassileva lives in Chicago. She has been wearing orthe okay lenses for the past few months. Doctors say orthe okay can slow the progression of nearsightedness. For most kids, orthe okay is for everyone who can not wear contacts or glasses during the day, construction workers, military police offices and everyone who want to have better vision. With time, some patients could have 2020 vision for 3 to 4 days, orm or before they have to sleep again with the orthe okay lenses. And you can make your appointment for orthe. Okay, exam at desk planes. I care center. Just call 2 to 4. 236 to 0 to zero.