Jolly Dicers



This is part of the \"How to Play\" segment for a pirate themed video game.

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Ah ha! I made he get ready for an avalanche of gripping, action packed and mind blowing features in Jolly Dices, an iconic pirate themed game that's thrilling, cheerful and a bit cheeky to our set sail in the main game and assist Captain Hawkins and his free boot er's to form clusters of dice symbols in exchange for some precious booty. In a really cascading game, Little Giant is your biggest Powell. He controls a set of special symbols that orbit relentlessly around the cascading real. There's magic potions. There's bombs. There's pistols and Cutlasses that trigger every time you match in opposite pair. And yes, there's also roaming wild symbols that help you form or clusters blimey aligned to scatter symbols and enter a free spins round inside the captain's quarters, simply roll a pair of dice and eliminate symbols from the real and enjoy even bigger clusters and even bigger wins. As they say, less is more. And the more clusters you form, the more cascade you obtain, and the more cascade you obtain, the higher the multiplier will soar to reward you with them. Colossal win. I've asked you Scurvy scoundrels, Skinny guy Lee Issa, slimy horn sua go every time you land six cascades in a row in a single round, you can prepare toe. Walk the plank with Gilly in a riveting gamble game roll. A pair of dice in Your result, determines Gillies. Number of steps cluck up some courage because Rooster Jack is feeling peckish on the Crow's Nest and is ready for some action and some epic wins. You could win up to six times your money's worth. And hey, Maiti, that's a lovely booty toe Walk away with Yo ho ho Jolly dicer sales across all seas. So if you want to play on mobile in portrait or landscape, the game is shipped with impeccable quality on any device you prefer. Jolly de icers started adventure that never ends.