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A brief demo featuring scenes from 2 anime involving dialogue between two characters and some action scenes. Also, features a brief, partial singing segment using a snip of a song.

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Teen (13-17)


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Hello. My name is Jay Velazquez, and I'm excited to showcase my voice acting ability. For this demo, I prepared three takes to character in orations and one song. The character narrations are pulled from two currently existing shows. One called One Piece, which does have in English Dub. The other is pulled from JoJo's bizarre adventure, Part Five, which currently does not have an English dub. It is only in Japanese. The's song I'm choosing is Lay Me Down by Sam Smith, but I'll only be performing the first verse. In course. He's completely keeping up with my speed. He even changed the course of my Tempest kick. His physical abilities are unbelievable. It's no good. I can't stay like this. It won't work. When I lost out Keagy, I realized something. I said to myself, You keep running into guys that are stronger and stronger, but unless you can get stronger to, you can't protect your friends. And I want Teoh. They're not all strong like me. But either way they're my friends and I want to keep. That's why I have to get stronger than anyone else. Otherwise does a chance I could lose him then what are you gonna do? I thought of a new way to fight with all my strength so that I won't lose anyone. So I won't let anyone slip away from me. That did it. You won't be able to keep up with me anymore. What? All my strength and techniques just went up by one step Gear Second, this taste is the taste of a liar. My name is Bruno Gujarati. Now answer me. You're questioning has already turned into torture. Does your head feel like it's about to fall off? I bet you have no idea what I've done to you. He unzipped my body giorno, Giovanna, If I wanted to, I could roll your head around like a ball until you told me who killed Leakey. I Luca, I don't think I can handle another hit like that. He'll tear me apart. I only noticed this power a few months ago, but I've never used golden wind to attack another human before. Usually when golden when hits something, it comes to life. Anything that hits suddenly turns into a living thing. But even I don't know what will happen if it attacks another human. Answer me now giorno Geo have a choice. A stand user so you could see my ability. What user? So you are the one who attacked Luca. Oh, didn't I land a direct hit with golden wind? He should at least have broken some bones. You *******! What? What did you do to me? Yeah, I was just trying to stand up. But I feel like I'm overflowing with power. I could feel the energy rushing within me like I've been filled with the elixir of life. What is this? It's moving in slow motion. Did your ability do this to may? You're a fool! If you're stand simply, powers up your enemies. Take this journo! Giovanna, wait! That's me over there. What am I doing back there? The handle. It's not been anymore. Did I misinterpret what was happening? I thought I was moving with incredible power. But in reality my body is still back there. I guess my consciousness jumped out of my body and that's what's over here. But treats crap. I have to dodge. It hurts. I could feel a sharp pain gradually growing. Jonah was a slow. It's my consciousness that was faster than my actual body. Looks like when I used golden wins Life ability on a living thing Dicko berserk or at least their senses Dio I don't know why I have this ability, but I'll definitely be taking advantage of it. Hey! What the **** are you guys doing over there? I'll call the police. Sorry for the commotion. Please be assured. We're not trying to involve any civilians. So this is Giorno. Giovanna stand. No, It doesn't even look like he knows what a stand is. But that ability It seems both our powers only go as far as a few meters. And here I thought you were just some run of the mill brat with no affiliation to any gang Giorno. Giovanna, you're the one who attacked Leakey. I Luca, aren't you? My boss wants to know why you wouldn't believe me if I said it was an accident, would you? So you would dispose of May And you must have come here fully prepared, right? Prepared, knowing that when you're going to dispose of someone there's always the slight chance that you could be the one being disposed of. Yes, I do heavily there. One day I will be where I want, right there right next to you And it's hard day Just seems so dark of the moon and the stars Nothing without you Your touch Just skin Where do I ve again No words can explain the way I'm missing you I didn I think emptiness this hole that I'm inside these tears They tell their from story Totally not to cry on when you were gone but the things overwhelming It's much too strong Can you next, Teoh Take care of you And I don't want to be here if I can't be with you, Teoh. Thank you again. My name is Jay Velazquez and you can reach me at J M. The 5513 at gmail dot com. You can also check out my soundcloud l a Y z j a y lazy j And again that's on Soundcloud. Thank you.