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Narrator of children's book on insect spiders , Adam & Eve , believable , conversational , animated , authentic , child-like , confident , engaging , friendly , natural , intellectual , real person , characters , school boy, student

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jumping spiders jump to catch prey insects like flies and moths, or to escape from predators such as birds, lizards and wasps before adam and Eve disobeyed God and Sin entered the world. Animals didn't eat each other. But now in a world cursed because of sin, spiders and many other animals hunt each other for their next meal. Humans and most animals jump using muscles in their legs. But jumping spiders are some of the only creatures on earth that use blood pressure to launch themselves off the ground before a jumping spider leaps the blood in its body rushes to its legs. The pressure in its legs builds and then pop all of its legs spread at the same time launching the jumping spider into the air. Even though these spiders are often less than half an inch big, they can jump over six inches high. That would be like a four ft tall human. An average six year old, jumping higher than 48 ft the height of a four story building.