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    All About School Boy Voices

    The school boy is a male character who attends school; usually primary, middle, or secondary school. The school boy character is youthful, energetic, and can have various interests. The school boy character is often part of different groups, may have many friends, and enjoy different subjects. The personality of each schoolboy character is different, but not dissimilar from those of his peers.

    Characteristics of a school boy vocal character

    The school boy character can have many different emotions, attitudes, and things he enjoys about the school experience; and how he handles the school experience. Most schoolboy characters have a certain subject they enjoy, whether it be math, science, gym, or language. Schoolboy characters, especially younger schoolboys, are often competitive and try to one-up each other, to impress both their peers and their teachers. A schoolboy character may be good at focusing in class, or disruptive and joke around during class. Schoolboy characters may be parts of many different teams or clubs, ranging from a sports team to a debate club, or a robotics club. Younger school boy characters sound much more childlike, and older schoolboy characters may experience voice cracks as their voices get deeper. Some school boy characters may be awkward, especially around female classmates and older students. Ultimately, school boy characters will act as any boy would at their specified age, with different interests and emotions providing a richer character.

    Where to find school boy characters

    Schoolboy characters can be seen most often in fictional movies that revolve around characters in their childhood or adolescence, especially when the school is a key setting in the story. One such example of a movie revolving around schoolboy characters would be the Harry Potter series, which is heavily centered in a school environment.