Fireflies of Mexico, Documentary Film, Hired


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It's late summer in the highland forests of Mexico. Millions of fireflies air hiding in the underbrush, waiting for the perfect night to find a mate. But most night, something is off, and so they keep waiting. The fireflies prefer a moonless night, so their messages of light will be seen more clearly in the dark, and most females lay their eggs on a rainy day. When there's moisture in the ground for just a few hours each year, everything aligns toe witness. They're marvellous display. You must want miles from the light in the noise of the nearest village, carrying only a dim natural flame for light. And if you've chosen the right night, when the forest becomes perfectly dark, the fireflies go into a frenzy when the air is warm and still and all conditions perfect. More fireflies take flight here than anywhere else on earth and in one magical hour, fireflies of Mexico have finished their mating dance until next year.