Terrorist Toyota

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Parody of Middle Eastern Terrorists promoting the Toyota Hilux. Mock Arab accent.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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when getting the job done requires a car that is powerful, reliable, adaptable, UN fuel efficient. One car stands above the rest in the harsh terrain of Desert Schiphol war zone from Africa to the Middle East. Whether it's tribal warfare's in the sounds of Somalia, the John Jowitt under four special forces in the mountains of Afghanistan or Sunni extremists in Mesopotamia, the Toyota Hi Lux is the trusted choice of terrorists in these harsh Third World warfare environments, Coming at the fraction of the cost of a Humvee. Hi, Lux brings plenty of bang for your buck, whether the job is moving, people that the boat is good for driving in the jungle, moving weapons, soldiers and taking the girls from the school and driving over the cockroaches or moving munitions to Mesopotamia or Levant. The Toyota is effective for smuggling weapons. Toe is Moloto fight the Zionist regime or waging jihad against infidels in the name of an interim goat herder who bangs 10 year old girls. The Japanese infidels made good car, but we behead the hostages because they give us no high locks. I looks hardy, harmful, hollow Toyota, Or what a feeling