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Welcome to the promptly communications set top box test platform product demonstration. Today we will take you on a tour of this revolutionary product that carries on the tradition of the prompting CP testers that have become the industry standard. We've taken everything that you loved about our other CBE test products fully automated hands off But advanced testing of any brand of device designed to be operated by non technical personnel and added test functionality with support for DVB X. Dak and iptv set top boxes as you'll see, the result is a sleek, powerful, high precision and fast product that lets you quickly and easily screen a high volume of devices with minimum difficulty in cost. Mhm Mhm. A single 16 position test track can do the work of many manual testers with higher accuracy and without the labor cost. Now you can test all video, audio, wifi ethernet and USB interfaces plus the remote control functionality, Either standard, infrared or bluetooth based. The system can even perform automatic firmware upgrades when supported by the STB. With everything tested in parallel on a single set of test tracks add to this. The mobile functionality of our unique rolling test track designs and prompting has once again to find the new standard and CP testing. So let's get started with the design as you can see this STB TP test station is industrial grade with key components enclosed and protected and you'll also notice that the actual test ports are fully independent of each other, making this a fully modular and redundant design. Further peaks under the hood revealed that the STB TP tester uses off the shelf. R. F. R. C. A H. D. M. I and ethernet cables, making maintenance painless and simple. Additionally connecting the rolling racks to the central test manager is as simple as connecting power, our F and ethernet to the top of each rack and two H. D. M. I. Cables to the front of the shell. With these easy to connect couplers, you can utilize multiple rolling racks to load, test and unload in separate areas. This means that testing time is maximized by eliminating idle time caused by connecting and disconnecting cables. The racks can also be used in stationary mode if desired. Either way, we've made it fast and easy to load and unload devices. The final piece to that puzzle is our unique use of an IOS based scanner running our test app. This scanner has several handy features. First with a single push of the scan button, multiple bar codes can be scanned in a single motion. Mhm. Secondly, these wireless scanners can access testing status and results from anywhere. Just scan a barcode and you instantly see the status of any device even if it's under test at that time, As you can see loading and operating is easy now down to the testing all device, video resolutions up to 4K and all connections can be tested for audio and video. This includes using prompting specially designed video streams to bring out common problems like video tiling and color issues during a suite of video quality checks. In addition, the system will factory reset the device, wipe the hard drive where appropriate and test the record and playback functionality of the DVR. S T B T P even validates code loads and can upgrade firmware wherever possible. Overall the new test appliance delivers on a professional looking, sturdy test platform that will stand the test of time. Now that you've seen the look and functions of the tester, let's dive into the heart of the system, the software and watch the overall system in action for anyone concerned that loading devices and rolling racks around will kill productivity. Rest easy S T B T P. Tests all 16 cells in parallel and without any user intervention to start the test, simply scan the rack you will be using and then load devices under the shelves with only the connections needed for the device under test for example, let's load some set tops for some testing don't forget. STB TP can test any DVB version heiress. Dak and iPTV STB s including wifi and docks is making it ready for the latest technology. So here we take this pace set top and first scan it and the shelf it will be loaded on. Then we connect H D M I and all three component connections are F and finally power then move to the next slot here we simply repeat the same process for this device. This one has only H. D. M I as an output. So we just skip the extra cables. We continue scanning and connecting until we have either filled the shelf or simply reached the number of devices you'd like to connect for this session mm At this point this rack is ready to start testing. Just push the button on the touch screen and the devices start in parallel now we simply watch the monitor to see as each device finishes the test and gives us a simple red, green or blue result clicking on Any result shows us the full bevy of test results and any failure reason if applicable in a stationary mode. Once the device is finished unplug and remove the device and put a fresh one into the slot. In rolling rack mode low devices of similar function. I E HD DVR So devices finish at the same time From there you would roll in a freshly loaded rack, connect the cables and click the start button as you can see all devices test in parallel in as little as 5-15 minutes. That means 16 devices could all be completed in 5-15 minutes. That's probably faster than you can load and unload. Even if devices average 10 minutes each, that's 16 devices every 10 minutes or almost 100 per hour. Of course, actual test times will vary based upon the type of device on how many tests are run for each device and the device is own processing speed. Of course it wouldn't be a prompt link. Product STB TP didn't have a complete reporting sweep with data export options. Glory. Mm As you can see, we look at the data from every valuable perspective from within the system itself. Easy to view graphs provide a high level view of test results and statistics with all data present for a deeper dive as desired. In addition, a P I. S are available for data mining and other information collection applications if you prefer. The options are endless when it comes to analysis. Another prompt link trademark is easy access to testing profiles without cumbersome scripting being required. Multiple testing profiles can be created to suit any testing situation and you can switch seamlessly between profiles. So customize your testing to match your needs. Whether you are a cable mso a test house or a threepio. Mhm STB TP was designed to scale up to massive high volume production runs or to low volume usage by certification labs or small cable operators all with the same reliability, ease of access and extraordinary technical support that has made prompt link the market leader in the testing of broadband CP devices. For more information, click the link below or come visit us at www dot prompt link dot com. To experience this new product yourself. Your testing will never be the same