It's that young hip male announcer voice over that can handle a range of conversational reads to a hard sell...young and hip being the key words.
IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A BOOMING ANNOUNCER VOICE OVER TALENT YOU’VE COME TO THE WRONG SITE…but if YOU’RE looking for a young and hip announcer voiceover or voice over or voice-over...whichever you prefer...then keep reading… Friendly and warm with clarity and fantastic inflection for a younger male voice talent. A nice alternative to the traditional announcer voice and companies are already taking advantage of this voice performer for corporate presentations and business training. Joshua's read can be edgy and mysterious or warm and friendly and even has a great bag of characters to choose from with a real sense of humor. The definition of a conversational young male announcer with a touch of class for high end television and radio campaigns. Have a listen to this unique combination in a voiceover talent.

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