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shortly ahead of their annual general debate of the United Nations General Assembly. Sports and modelling superstar David Beckham joined the U. N. Secretary general and the executive director of UNICEF to talk about Children's rights in Leeds. Beckham has been leading Children's rights advocate for 10 years in his role as goodwill ambassador. Tonight on Amazing Vacation Homes will be visiting some of the most incredible homes on both sides of the Atlantic. First stop 1 53 Union Street in Chester, Nova Scotia, and lovely 12 bedroom, four bath home, built in 1912. Next we're off to the Channel Islands Archipelago in the English Channel just off the coast of France. In 2002 literary professor Joe Carroll slaughtered 14 college girls, leaving a trail of Torah in his wake. Now we journey back to Winslow University to study this obsessive killer, thie F B. I agent obsessed with catching him and the small town in Virginia that will never be the same again in this remote village in Pakistan, full of refugees from neighbouring Afghanistan, one woman has single handedly introduced education for the girls here, a gala receive fi herself. A refugee has made it her life's work to teach refugee girls in the settlement. She is now being honoured with the U N refugee committees. Nansen Refugee Award for her heroic work Audrey Heartburn began a modelling career until a film producer noticed her unusual combination of wholesome beauty, innocence and class. Soon after, she began acting and in 1953 gained immediate prominence for her role in Roman Holiday, for which he won the Oscar for best actress.