Elite Makeup: How to Apply Perfect Foundation

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In addition to translating the Spanish content of their website into English, I recorded a number of videos in English for Elite Makeup in Madrid, Spain.

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Hello and welcome to this video class from the glam makeup club. Today we're going to show you step by step how to apply foundation perfectly, just like the professionals do. So let's begin once the skin is totally moisturized, the next step is to choose the foundation. In this case we're going to show you how to apply a cream foundation. These foundations are perfect for fall and winter and also for those of you who have oily skin. It's very important to choose the correct color for your skin. Here, we're showing you two different colors. We're going to test on our model so that you can see exactly which color disappears into her skin. This is one of the most important professional secrets. Always being able to choose the best foundation for the skin, how to do it easy. Always work on a clean face and test colors until you find one that blends perfectly with your skin. You can always tell which one will work best. Now let's apply the foundation. We're going to show you another professional secret, apply a bit of thermal water to your foundation to make it much easier to apply and so that it comes out lighter. Mix it well with the sponge and begin to apply the foundation even though this foundation is in cream, it's applied in the same way as any liquid foundation. To make it easier, you can start in the forehead area, moving downwards over the entire face. Notice how the makeup artist is applying little touches to the face without dragging the product. Remember that the foundation is the most important part of the makeup. If you can achieve a perfect foundation, the final result will be much better and more flattering. We continue applying it to the cheeks. Little by little foundation is used to unify the tone of the skin to do that. You'll need to work more in some areas than others, depending on how your skin is. You might have more blemishes or scars or less imperfections in areas such as the cheeks. Where you'll simply go over it with the sponge and blend downwards. The good thing about using a foundation that is the exact color of your skin is that you don't need to make up your neck so you won't smudge your clothes. Another good piece of advice is to always apply the foundation downwards so as not to lift any facial hairs. We continue applying the foundation little by little notice. We're making up everything except the eyes which will leave for the end. We put more emphasis on the area around the mouth and at the wings of the nose to eliminate the normal redness we have in these areas. Now we apply the illuminating corrector which are going to apply over the entire under eye area. Notice how she's using very little product and she's applying it gently with a synthetic hair brush. It's very important not to overload the product in this area since if you have expression lines, you'll make them even more noticeable