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An example of some of the voice I can do.

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Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US South)


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It was late, A storm was raging. You could hear the old house creaking in the wind. I tried to sleep but ghosts were keeping me awake. What do you say, pal! Time for Ben? Yea, before we head to the bayou, mm they're really yummy, aren't they? Maybe I'll have 10. We've got a problem boys, Old stick faces, six months late on his payments. Time to collect a little interest. If you catch my drift. I know you laugh at me behind my back. Guess what Sugar? It doesn't matter what you think of me anymore. I am your superior and you take orders from me now. I think I'll treat myself to an antique car. Maybe a sexy 19 a Bugatti. There are only $325,000. It's great to be a prince. Those are my carrots. What gives you the right to trespass on private property and steal my damn food. Get out of here, or I'll shoot you in the keister. Listen, he's coming. Don't let him see us! Oh God! He's almost here. Run. Run