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The sample is for chapter 2 from the book 'The Girl with the Memorial Tattoos' by Dr Shiva Karun. Have provided voice over this book.

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chapter to the felicitations Sermanni began. The medical college in Hyderabad had the beautiful Vivek Ananda auditorium. It's stage was well prepared that day. The guests took their seats in the front row. The whole auditorium was occupied by parents and family members of the students. It was not the convocation day. There was something special about the day the students were shouting their names as they echoed through the auditorium. His parents and his younger brother were also present in the same auditorium. His father turned towards the mother and said proudly, Our son has made a so proud. The anchor, a young guy wearing a suit with welcomed her, came on to the stage. Ladies and gentleman, this is the most auspicious day in the history of our college. We are proud of being with him and studying with him. Junior's feel privileged to have been ranked by him. Professors feel honoured to have taken your Viva. The faculty welled up with tears. I am inviting our 100 Bill, the head storey of general surgery, to take the stage and present this award to him and get pardoned for all the mistakes that he has done and the head shoddy came onto the stage. Every student booted him. The Boeing reverberated in the auditorium, but he kept grinning. The anchor finally announced her steam. He is none other than Dr Surya Aryan. See Surya Aryan seat, please come on to the diess. Suddenly, the raving of a bullet motorcycle echoed through the auditorium. A young guy wearing goggles, tight T shirt and don't Pepe jeans with a cigarette in his mouth revved his bike as outside. Everyone in the auditorium looked over their shoulders. The guy simply let her spike fall onto the ground near the entrance of the auditorium. As he walked into the auditorium, a spotlight focused on to him. He tilted his head to one side, brushed his beard and clinched a cigarette between her state. He took a deep of and crash the cigarette under his for summoned from the audience through a beer bottle at him, which he caught and drank. In one go, he threw it back into the audience. It landed on a poor souls head. Someone call an ambulance. He laughed sadistically and walk towards the stage. Everyone was looking at him with all he cleaned his goggles and again put them on again and tilted his head to one side with I is looking to the roof. He stood near the stairs that lead to the stage for few seconds. The head shoddy who was trembling with fear, came down from the stage and Felicity, a tid Surya with a bookie. His wife shot and start woman. The CMO, in casualty of the hospital stood next to him. He called his daughter Shabani. She was an intern. She ran towards him and hug them. But he didn't respond. Surya sir, I didn't know you're so greet Police for their My mistake said Shahravan e and burst into tears. Yes, Surya. The hatchery pleaded. Surya looked at him sternly. Sorry, Surya. Gee, please. For givers him. His wife annoyed ID and joined him. Yes, Surya g. Please forgive us for our mistakes. Please, Maria. Daughter Surya. Darren Respond. They all started felling to their knees and grabbed his legs. I will wash your legs with my tears. His father turned towards an adjacent train jer audience and started saying proudly. That's my son. The other person reciprocated with the grim. What an attitude. I'm impressed. Wish I had a son like him, everyone chanted in unison, Surya, Surya! Surya Soria took his belt and began beating the try. His mother called Surya. He answered. Wait a minute, Mom, and started bantering them. Why are you getting Felicity? Eight ID. Everyone became silent and looked with a steady grin on their faces, like idiots expecting an answer, Soria stood silent. Mom, I will explain it to you, she continued, grinning. Surya Surya, her face slowly started to conduct along, and her tone became hush. The whole stage started to collapse. Surya blended into the surroundings. Sonia, wake up! It's getting late. Wake up, Syria! Sarandi! Surya woke up with a flinch. Was it a dream? He was annoyed that his mom, for disturbing such a beautiful dream. He was a clean shaven and had a sharp jawline. He had brown eyes with Argh! I, bro's told with wide shoulders. His mom looked sternly at him and schooled it. Do you know what a time is? Did you forget that you have to catch a flight to Delhi? Surya became alert coming out of a trance, hit his head, bulge tapas eyes and looked at his alarm clock and shrieked nine AM he had a flight at 11 AM he jumped out of bed and dashed to the sink and hastily pressure state. He quickly took a shower and put on assured his friends had left several missed calls. He called his friends Sudhir and Fay Zin through a conference call. Sorry are Ivo Cap naps. I will start in a few minutes. Frozen and studied stood dumbstruck. Hari ab Soria. What we're doing day long, Surya replied, absent mindedly draining while wearing his pants. What? They shouted synchronous Lee on the phone. Nothing. I will come in a few minutes. What about Varsha and Rohit? Idiot! I am here right now. Come fast. It's getting late. Partial reply. Luckily, the airport was quite close to his house. Surya took a camp and reach the airport. Unless and 20 minutes. He printed his boarding pass and cleared the security cheque and headed towards a boarding gate. His friends were anxiously waiting for him. Varsha, who was talkative, shot and had a round face toll. Surya, let's buy vote! The movement. We reached Delhi, Surya retorted, stopped drinking too much. Varsha, you will turn into a drum and no one will marry you. that remark, Herb Varsha. The rest of them laughed and high fight each other. Marsha's mom made a video. Paisan alerted. Faison was stalled, an athletic he put on shades for the video call, Rohit anxiously said, Has Curly here into order. Varsha finally answered the call, and everyone said, Hi, Andy in unison. So you other guys who are going on a holiday with my daughter, her mother retorted. A heated argument ensued with her mother, Varsha. Whom did you inform before planning all this one to come home? I am going to punish you. I'll see to it that you get married as soon as possible. This is absolutely unacceptable, Mom. I'm just 23 point marriage, she shrieked, much to the annoyance of their co passengers. She abruptly ended the call when the final announcement for boarding the aircraft was made. Sorry, guys, my mother can be so difficult to deal with at times. No, Yeah, she's a mother. She has adult headless twin sister Suryadi East. Everyone shuttled into laughter. Varsha gave a grim expression. They adjusted their into their respective seats, and the flight took off to Delhi