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in this module, we'll discuss what to do if you come across an unattended mobile mover. A mobile mover is an assistive device used to carry heavy objects from Point A to point B. This vehicle must be operated by a qualified driver or, if an automatic mode, it must be supervised at all times. If you see a mobile mover unattended on the floor, immediately, check your surroundings to ensure that there are no other people in the direct path. Then proceed to walk to the back of the mobile mover and initiate the shut off valve. The shut off valve is located on the passenger side of the mobile mover. Be sure to notify your supervisor of the unattended mobile mover and log it in the log book. Up to now, you've learned how to identify workplace hazards and how to report them to your supervisor. In this module, we'll discuss the hierarchy of control measures that can be used to eliminate hazards from the work process altogether. Hi and welcome to our on demand video. Siri's from pitch to close, designed to help you win new business. This course provides you with real world selling strategies right across the sale cycle equipped with video modules, including sea level objection handling, qualifying opportunities, negotiating best practices and more. This is the perfect training program for anyone selling business to business products or service is by now. You should have completed your sales readiness Self assessment. Join us in the first module for prospecting new business and access the offline assignment that will help you on your personal learning path to supercharge your sales performance.