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I am the Signature Voice on the Sample. I am the conversational, natural, knowledgeable , articulate, authentic, empathetic, compassionate, strong, expert, ad-libbing, warm, kind, and story-telling voice you are looking for.. and so much more!

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Young Adult (18-35)


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janie sat on the floor inside. She'd been working on the puzzle for over two hours and hadn't been able to get a single piece place in the last 15 minutes. She heard the floor creak and turned to see her grandmother standing behind her. Having some problems. Are you? She asked, janey, nodded. Her grandmother sat down and said, well I've just got to get my magic puzzle glasses out now that you're pregnant, why not take a few minutes to schedule your first prenatal care meeting. You learn a lot at this appointment about changes in lifestyle, food consumption and exercise routines that can improve the health of your baby. In addition, this meeting will address some risk of smoking, travel and prescription medications. Thank you for calling the liberty Independent Insurance, 24 hour client services line. I'm here to help you get the answers you need just say your responses and then I'll connect you to an agent who can assist you. If you'd like to check on your insurance policy, say check policy through the spiritual practice of meditation, the practitioner can begin to explore the true essence of what we are. It's a process where one totally surrendered to the natural tidal pools of the soul releasing all desires created within one's ego. Along with the fears of the unknown. Thank you for listening. I'm kai Simmons. Mm hmm.