Fantasy Action Thriller



Audio book narration. A gentle start to a novel that combines brilliant scif fi alternate dimension battles and a multitude of characters and accents.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General)


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I'm going to drag you into a world of travesty and darkness. A place where hope has been lost already. Our story begins in an Ohio household. Unlike many homes, a young 18 year old girl lays on her stomach compulsively losing her lunch cheering up. She dropped a small bag from it. A used needle fell on the town carpeted floor, awaking to an E. M. T. Springing her to life with a shot of adrenaline, The black haired girl saw a shining light sitting in a dank psychologists office. She lit a half smoked cigarette, seated across from her, arrogantly, was an older, balding gentleman, dressed in a clean suit, tapping his notebook. The psychologist calmly asked after that lied. What did you see? Taking a drag off a cigarette, the girl answered in agitation. What do you want me to say, doc? I saw pearly lights and an old guy playing with himself jotting down a few knots, he continued speaking, I have to send you for observation to kill you. Your family has come to see you off putting out his cigarette in the chairs, wooden armrests. She started, I saw my mother and daddy stopped swinging long enough to get rid of me to kill you. Your mother was the one who found you and called the police. The psychologist informed her, flicking the crushed cigarette aside. She dishonored her mother's actions as she carelessly spoke. Well, that's so I should blame. Standing up, she remarked, I'd rather not stay at all, strolling around her room, her clothes, her long hair all shifted long to short pants and a shirt to a dark dress. The psychologists office was now her harm. Where a light party was being held? Achilleas seemed a year or two shy of her current edge, holding a wine spritzer. Her mother, a short, well endowed woman nudged her forward to a group of laughing adults joining them. Achilleas saw that everyone she was about to speak with were leaps and bounds of years older than her. She then watched her mother rush upstairs holding a man's belt who was not her father, A pale skin and bone woman dressed in yellow cocktail dress, chewed Achilleas mother on, standing back in the psychologist's office concerned, he asked, are you still using snatching the rooms bronze door handle. His one time patient opened the door and bumped into a uniformed officer, placing his notebook on his metal desk. The psychologist spoke. This officer will ****** you, tilting back her head. She unhappily started great, putting a kalia in a black and whites back seat. The cop closed the door, looking behind her to see her father's car in the hospital's parking lot. She waited as the officer started the cop car's engine driving down the street. He kept the siren off as to steady her mannerisms, taking a cigarette from her front left pocket. The young woman pinched off its broken tip and quietly lit it with a blue disposable lighter as she put it in her mouth. The cop asked, What did you do, blowing the smoke into the front seat? Qalqilya answered. When you find out, You tell me. As she smoked, the officer continued speaking. Oh, I think you do, shaking her head, she remarked. Yeah, I wasted some pig's lawn gnomes climbing up. The officer stepped on the gas to quickly complete his assignment, slowing down at a white colored storm plaque that read ST Clare's home for the weary stationed at the front door to order lease accompanied by the head nurse, awaited her.