The Snow Queen (Fairy Tale Story Book by Hans Christian Andersen)

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A selection from near the beginning of the story.

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in summer they could be together with one jump from the window. But in winter they had to go up and down the long staircase and out through the snow before they could meet. See there are the white bees swarming, said Kay's old grandmother one day when it was snowing. Have they a queen bee? Asked the little boy, for he knew that the real bees had a queen. To be sure they have said the grandmother, she is flying there where the swarm is thickest. She is the largest of them all and never remains on the earth. But flies up to the dark clouds. Often at midnight she flies through the streets of town and looks in at the windows. Then the ice freezes on the panes into wonderful shapes that look like flowers and castles. Yes I have seen them, said both the Children and they knew it must be true. Can the snow queen come in here? Asked the little girl. Only let her come, said the boy, I'll set her on the stove and then she'll melt. Then the grandmother smoothed his hair and told him some more tales