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Camilla Jablonski monologue

Voice Over • Video Narration


Monologue that starts play/Movie

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American


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Hello. I'm Camilla Jablonski. I'd like to welcome you to the south shore of Long Island. I love it. Here you can breathe, take a breath, go on, take a big one, don't be afraid. The air is still good here. Besides it's summer and who can be afraid of anything in summer. This house used to be on my father's farm 35 years ago. He was Hoodwinked into buying a half mile of these dunes, sight unseen. He thought he was getting a kingdom of farmland. But in those days the whole kit and caboodle of beach wasn't worth a pile of well, I don't know you well enough yet. So he hired out as a hand and scrimped and saved all over again. Still it took me my four brothers and one **** of a depression to get the old man his farm. By the time he died 83 he was with his hair still red and his fist still shaken. This speech was worth 10 farms. Thank you care. No, not two hoots and a holler in ****. A farm was what he wanted. A farm was what he got. But everything's changing so fast. That wonderful old man's farm is part of an air base now and I had this house moved across the local mason. Dixon line, that's the big highway out there. North are the truck farmers and handymen South, the commuters, summer people and now us. But there she is sitting pretty on these dunes and there you are sitting pretty in the ocean, don't worry, tide's out