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or good evening and welcome to the Vision Bee Sports show with your host Carol Pasha. It is exactly 10 minutes after six on the second of December 2017 and we take a look at the sports. Headlines are starting off with rugby use wallets promotes coach. It is the duty has named the strong starting 15 to phase worlds in the final game off the 2017 European talk. What even is about said to skip of aside for the 11th time that this season I was starting 15 isas follows under here. Dylan Late Jesse Kriel, French off. Enter Warrick Talent 100 Poland. Ross Cronje Attend to prayer. Peter Step towards CIA policy Alloy jagga even as about welcome Lo Marco Mont as well as Stephen kissed off. Now all the best ones pra boxes they face at the last game of the season and hopefully, hopefully they can make us proud about winning that. This came out right. Are searching annotations to international footballing use while Manchester United many Judge Jose Merino did not rule out the possibility of selling seemed to be free agent message possible from Arsenal, that was it is out of contract at the end of the season and the 29 year old has been linked with a move to Premier League rivals United and Mallika joins a Barcelona. Other pay previously worked together in Madrid and won the league. Then what? Maury, you're not ruling out the possibility Overnighting with this former playmate get all Shepherd. However, the frog eyed German is not the only man who is prepared to run down his contract at the Emirates, with Alexis Sanchez also looking to exit the club in the summer. I'm going to Argentina while their head coach Jorge Sampaoli's optimistic that the 2014 runners can make an impact that next year's woke up in Russia as he dismissed criticism from a Diego Maradona. No Maradona parade down Argentina's prospects after some parties Mineral George in Group D with Croatia, Iceland as well as Nigeria in Moscow on Friday, insisting that the two time world champions must improve. Having scraped through the qualifying stages now Argentina group Maradona has been critical of some police since his appointment in June, but the former severe post remains very much confident that it's sad can go all the way into Russia in 2018 not returning home to Pearson News from America. Salas kept in the fact that Europe hope Siyabonga Nomvete will not be lost a football and eventually decides to hang up his boots. Now know who turns 40 today and subsequently becoming the oldest football and the history of the Pierce L, also the league top goal scorer of all time, his former teammate and skipper to total by Element that telling to strike a should be traced even long after hanging his plane boots. Now moving on to prom. Benten Well diversified midfielder Vincent Bully believes within. The talk on that cot can turn the club this season around. Other students hold be playing acting, Sprint Point and Celtics at the Princess Macoco Stadium later on tonight, Capano won't be hoping to live at the prestigious trophy, however. Buddha knows that a global very much difficulties they faced a very much a revitalised this. Willis a muscle but is confident that his side can will the toe come on knockout and potentially kicks that the somewhat flattening season no ending the headlines with football fixtures for this weekend, the world pinpoint the Celtics will be competing. I can spit in his face in the telcom knock out final game and also looking at the appeal features for this weekend. All Chelsea were playing at home against you. Cost United. Liverpool will be travelling away to Brighton or Leicester City. What? We're playing all stockings that bin, the other king, past Needham. And finally, finally, it's a massive game. Later on Tonight, don't ask him paying in whole markings mejust united and we'll see which side will become the better side off the two as they try to chase down majors to city. Now, with the World Cup features having made last night in Russia, can all the five African sides making through to the knockout faces? Or we'll all be disappointed yet again that we discussed that more. We returned from the short break.