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This was an award-nominated video for 1% of the Planet.

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it's been said that a true understanding of the bigger picture begins with seeing the smallest detail, What does 1% actually look like? A few seconds of music? Might be the 1% of a masterpiece that's remembered forever. Just one line from one scene can turn a hit movie into a classic for generations And on the field, 1%, maybe all that separates a team from a championship. If you zoom out a little bit, 1% of a neighborhood is the home for a whole family. Just 1% of a single region in a single state includes the lives of thousands of people And 1% of the globe that covers entire countries. So if something so small can be that big, what does it mean for one person? What can you do with 1%? You can share it, you can add it to another and that will be added to another and another. And before you know it, The little 1% will make more sense than ever. So check out 1% for the planet Where you can join businesses and individuals donating 1% of their revenue to make this world a better place. Because when you really think about it, 1% has never been bigger