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Various VO jobs that I did in 2021 edited into one reel. These were all paying jobs.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (US West Coast - California, Portland)


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this is our history. It started more than 130 years ago when Don Callisto had a dream. That's why daily thousands of peruvians go to the seaside to enjoy the freshest that the Peruvian coast has to offer presenting plastic. Have you ever dreamt of studying abroad? Would you like to have a degree from the best universities in the United States and the rest of the world? While staying in Peru Now you can flying 10,482 kilometers across Peru's Independence Day every year, kids take part in the same traditional school play that talks about the old glory days and passed more than 4500 years ago. We peruvians were making art out of cotton has been part of the life of peruvians for over 90 years. A story that began in 1926 with Pedro the right way to eat KFC is with your bare hands and that's good. We take the best tasting and most fresh superfoods directly from the Andes to north american homes cultivated by Peruvian privileged conditions for agriculture. The best Kent mango in the world is cultivated in 2020 we found ourselves facing a pandemic scenario however, we identified an opportunity to do Develop consumption out of what is artificial intelligence. In general terms we can say that artificial intelligence soil goes in looming go. There is nothing so wise as time because time teaches us that we must wait for the best things in life after all time knows what 736 million people in the world that live in extreme poverty. They live amongst the lowest levels of education, health, employment, and housing. A number that has become the largest challenge for governments in developing countries. Peru is no stranger to this. To be your friend is more than greeting you every day out loud or in silence. Mostly in silence. It's more than a touch here or there, more than feeling your presence around. Even when I can't see you sometimes like a warm embrace sometimes, like a fresh memory. But there's a problem. Only 5% of Western Europeans nowhere Vilnius is even though they're almost neighbors. So how can you be popular if no one knows you well, You know what they say, If you can't be there, you know what? This is about. Getting up early, running five K eating healthy, getting up early again, running eight K, eating healthy today. You couldn't run in the morning, but you can run in the evening. Even the most disciplined runner needs a cheat meal. Many studies have demonstrated the physical and psychological benefits of this. Apart from ordering their food. We shared the daily specials we have enjoyed along with the restaurants, information on our social media channels, giving them the exposure they have never had before because we know that in order to get through this situation, we need to stick together