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Kieran's versatile voice fit to a variety of local and international spots! If you need a professional voice actor guaranteed to deliver high quality performance and voice over with a quick turn around, then Kieran is there for you!

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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a free foot long from subway. You bet after ordering 1 ft long, your second is free. Look at that sub with those toppings your friends call Weird. You earned it Times air complex. But banking shouldn't be What? The Chase Mobile app. Everything you need is at the palm of your hand chase. So you can. The rugged path breathing to exist. A reason to chase the sun. Yosemite? My dad was 25 when he earns the nickname Chrome Dome. Yeah, hair loss has always run in my family. But thankfully, with clinically proven treatments by keeps, I won't have to worry about becoming chrome dome Junior. No offense, Dad. Role home with the holiday goodies. 2500 gaming and electronic gift under 20 bucks at Gamestop. Joy to the players. Okay, so the plan is start at L a X early morning. So I'll need you to be up then off to beautiful Portland for our fishing trip, then Michigan to say hi to your family in Kansas to say hi to mine. And finally end with romantic. Get away to Hawaii. Our honeymoon is actually gonna happen, thanks to Delta