Young, witty, humourous and full of attitude....with home studio...

“You have a great voice, very Chris Tarrant style, shame you’re not on national radio. They come across excellent, I let the other members of the group listen to it and they think it sounded fantastic. I really mean it, you do sound great, I don’t know if you already do any, but you should try to break into telly, you would be excellent on adverts etc. Credit where credits due, you are very good at what you do.”

Mark Chapman — The 3T’s Group

"Kieran provides a professional voice for our station, with his outstanding service you can be sure to rely on him"

Callum Slade - Bream Team

“I think that Kieran’s voiceovers are just the ticket, Keep up the good work mate.”

Craig Adams - Castle Mead Radio

“Kieran provides only the best in voice-overs for our Charity Events, discos and stage shows. His voice is so amazing that everyone is stunned with the professionalism of the intros.”

“Sounds Unique are currently working with Kieran to produce a disk of intro's for a wide array of events.”

Gary Jones — Sounds Unique

“Kieran has filled our telephone system with some fantastic voiceovers that have made our sales almost triple. I would like to thank Kieran for such a wonderful job.”

Dean CEO of the SIS Group

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